Current Research

We focus on spin-orbit torque, spin transport in antiferromagnet, ferromagnet, and heavy spin Hall metallic multilayer systems which lead to significant and substantial spintronics application. We are also interested in tunnel and giant magnetoresisitance device and application.​​​

We focus on the magnetic skyrmions research in various materials including multilayer films, centrosymmetric magnet and frustrated magnet by using LTEM, MFM, MOKE, and also micromagnetic simulations: Direct writing of skyrmion lattice using local striy field; Creation of a thermally assisted skyrmion lattice; Determination of chirality of skyrmions; Control the density of skyrmions; Biskyrmions in MnNiGa magnet under a wide temperature range; Skyrmions in a frustrated kagome magnet Fe3Sn2 at room temperature. Creation of single chain of skyrmions and the current induced dynamics in a nanostripe.​​

We focus on the preparations and inveistigations on topological materials, e.g. bulk materials, film materials as well as exfoliated two dimensional materials: (i) Various materials have been obtained by Vapor Physical Evaporation (VPE), including topological insulators and Nodal line semimetals. (ii) Fruitful topological phenomena, e.g. spin-momentum locking and anisotropic Shubnikov-de Haas effect in in type-II Weyl semimetal​, as well as giant planar Hall effect in Dirac semimetal are explored through systematically analyzing magnetic and electrical properties. (iii) The application of topological phenomena in spintronics, e.g. spin-momentum locking and the spin-orbit torques in heterojunctions. ​

The topic focuses on the synthesis (CVD, CVT, solution exfoliation, mechanical exfoliation etc.), precessing, nanofabrication and applications of various 2D materials such as graphene, h-BN, TMDs, TMCs, Mxene ​etc.​​​​​​​​​​​