Topological Materials


(i) Various materials have been obtained by Vapor Physical Evaporation (VPE), including topological insulators and Nodal line semimetals.


     ZrSiS (Dirac nodal line semimetal)    

(ii) Fruitful topological phenomena, e.g. spin-momentum locking and anisotropic Shubnikov-de Haas effect in in type-II Weyl semimetal​, as well as giant planar Hall effect in Dirac semimetal are explored through systematically analyzing magnetic and electrical properties.

Momentum blocking

     Anisotropic chiral anomaly in WTe2 nanoribbons verfies the Type-II Weyl semimetal.


Nontrivial Berry phase, chiral-anomaly-induced negative longitudinal magnetoresistance, giant in-plane anisotropic magnetoresistance as well as giant planar Hall effect are observed in ZrTe5−δ nanoplates, confirming coherently that ZrTe5−δ is a Dirac semimetal.

(iii) The application of topological phenomena in spintronics, e.g. spin-momentum locking and the spin-orbit torques in heterojunctions.

Topological 2d materials

   The heterojunction Spintronics device fabricated by WTe2 and ferromagnetic metal layer.