Fei TEM   Da sputter

Our most frequently used facilities in Core Lab: TEM, FEI Tecnai G2 F30 operated at 300 kV​ (Left) and ​Singulus Sputtering System (Right) 

Core Lab​ is the one of the most competitive public labs in the world, equiped with many world-leading facilities for investigations on material science and physics. Particularly, by employing the nanofabrication clean room we can easily approach topics on micro/nano-devices assembled by multilayer materials, two-dimensional materials, as well as spintronics device. Fruitful equipments e.g. ​lithography, film deposition, etching, etc. provide your a huge and unlimited playground to explore your imagination. Moreover, imaging and characterization lab possesses several world-class analysis facilities, particularly​ transmission electron microscopy. Prompt upgrade for these sharp weapons ensures the world-leading role, meanwhile providing you the forefront experimental results. In addition to excellent facilities, skilled and experienced technicians in core lab will also help you for analysis and explanation of your harvest, ensuring the extreme exploitation of all obtained results for your work.