Maolin Chen

Postdoctoral Fellows





Selected Publications

[1] Q. Zhu, B. Li, D. Yang, C. Liu, S. Feng, M. L. Chen, Y. Sun, Y. Tian, X. Su, X. Wang, S. Qiu, Q. Li, X. Li, H. Zeng, H. Cheng, D. Sun. A flexible ultrasensitive optoelectronic sensor array for neuromorphic vision systems. Nature communications, 12, 1798 (2021).

[2] S.Feng, C. Liu, Q. Zhu, X. Su, W. Qian, Y. Sun, C. Wang, B. Li, M. L. Chen, L. Chen, W. Chen, L. Zhang, C. Zhen, F. Wang, W. Ren, L. Yin, X. Wang, H. Cheng, D. Sun. An ultrasensitive molybdenum-based double-heterojunction phototransistor. Nature Communications, 12, 4094 (2021).

[3] Y. Hong, Z. Liu, L. Wang, T. Zhou, W. Ma, C. Xu, S. Feng, L. Chen, M. L. Chen, D. Sun, X. Chen, H. Cheng, W. Ren. Chemical vapor deposition of layered two-dimensional MoSi2N4 materials. Science, 369, 670-674 (2020).

[4] M. L. Chen#, X. Sun#, H. Liu#, H. Wang, S. Wang, H. Du, B. Dong, J. Zhang, Y. D. M. Sun, Z. Han. A FinFET with one atomic layer channel. Nature Communications, 11, 1205 (2020). (co-first author)

[5] T. Qu#, Y. Sun#, M. L. Chen#, Z. Liu, Q. Zhu, Z. Han, D. M. Sun. A Flexible Carbon. Nanotube Sen-Memory Device. Advanced Materials, 32, 1907288 (2020). (co-first author)

[6] L.-P. Ma, Z. Wu, L. Yin, D. Zhang, S. Dong, Q. Zhang, M. L. Chen, W. Ma, Z. Zhang, J. Du, D. Sun, K. Liu, X. Duan, D. Ma, H. Cheng, W. Ren. Pushing the conductance and transparency limit of monolayer graphene electrodes for flexible organic light emitting diodes. PNAS, 117 (42), 25991-25998 (2020).



2013- 2019 MASc. and Ph.D. Engineering Material science, University of Science and Technology of China

2009- 2013 BSc.  Engineering Material Physics, Jilin University