Bo Tian

PhD Students



Building 3 (IBN SINA) West, Level 2, 2207-WS07

Selected Publications

  • Tian, B., Lin, W., Zhuang, P., Li, J., Shih, T. M., & Cai, W. Magnetically-induced alignment of graphene via Landau diamagnetism. Carbon, 131, 66-71. (2018).
  • Lin, W., Tian, B., Zhuang, P., Yin, J., Zhang, C., Li, Q., ... & Cai, W. Graphene-based fluorescence-quenching-related fermi level elevation and electron-concentration surge. Nano letters, 16(9), 5737-5741. (2016). (Contribute equally)
  • Zhuang, P., Lin, W., Tian, B., Shih, T. M., & Cai, W. Ultraviolet-light-induced electron transfer between chlorine anions and graphene. Carbon, 123, 380-384. (2017)
  • Lin, W., Zhuang, P., Tian, B., Liu, T., Zhang, C., Shih, T. M., & Cai, W. An ion-migration and electron-transfer cycle containing graphene and copper substrate analyzed with Raman spectra. Carbon, 116, 15-19. (2017)
  • Wang, B., Shih, T. M., Tian, B., Wu, C. X., & Chang, R. R. G. Mildly zigzag heat transfer affected by aspect ratios for recirculating flows in rectangular enclosures. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 107, 372-378. (2017)
  • Zhuang, P., Lin, W., Tian, B., Zhang, C., Zhao, Z., Shih, T. M., & Cai, W. Atomic-concentration diffusion governing integrated-territory graphene syntheses at catalyst–insulator interfaces. Carbon, 102, 403-408. (2016)
  • Chen, X., Tian, B., & Cai, W. Synthesis Of Controllable Multi-Layer Graphene By MPEE-CVD. Gongneng Cailiao, 47(12), 12235-12239. (2016)
  • Zhao, Z., Chen, X., Zhang, C., Wan, W., Shan, Z., Tian, B., ... & Cai, W. An etching phenomenon exhibited by chemical vapor deposited graphene on a copper pocket. Carbon, 106, 279-283. (2016)
  • Zhao, Z., Shan, Z., Zhang, C., Li, Q., Tian, B., Huang, Z., ... & Cai, W. Study on the diffusion mechanism of graphene grown on copper pockets. Small, 11(12), 1418-1422. (2015)
  • Zhang, C., Li, Q., Tian, B., Huang, Z., Lin, W., Li, H., ... & Cai, W. Isotope effect of the phonons mean free path in graphene by micro-Raman measurement. Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 57(10), 1817-1821. (2014)


  • ​2018-Present, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, PhD student
  • 2011-2015, Xiamen University, China, B. S.

Professional Profile

  • ​2015-2018, Chief Scientist of Eleven-dimensional Nano-material Research Institute, Xiamen, China